Matt Woodhouse’s Favourite Eats

Matt Woodhouse, executive chef of Deli style Melbourne café, New Order in Prahran shares his favourite places to eat in.


Embla love this place. Great food and great wine list. We always sit on the pass and watch the chefs do their thing. I’ll always take out of Towners here. Their wood roasted rainbow trout,  cafe de Melbourne butter is off the hook.

wood roasted rainbow trout

Carlton wine room Elegant wine bar with exceptional service and food to match. Every place does stracciatella but theirs with mushrooms rosemary oil and potato bread, just speaks to me it’s so good

Napier quarter Brunch to lunch with small plates. Go at 11 for the anchovy toast, stay for the small plates and plat de jour  then lull the afternoon away with wine and charcuterie. It has a unique Parisian vibe. It’s simple, delicious, confident food.


For me takeaway is a banging sandwich. Being in the sandwich game myself, I’ve tried a few but it’s gotta be AppleHead’s (Mentone) Meatball or Mabel’s (Hawksburn) Reuben. Sauls Sandwiches and Greta are also doing great things too and I’ll always pop my head in if I’m in the area.

Late night

Late night for me these days has changed with a new baby so my go to would be 48hr Pizza on Malvern Rd, for their exceptional base and uncomplicated toppings.

Pre-baby, you can’t go past Butchers Diner in the CBD.

Cheap eats

Can’t be fuc*** to cook? Get to Hanoi Hannah, fresh, easy, quick. Tasty as fu**. Get involved.