Harry Mangat’s top places to eat

We talk to Harry Mangat, Chef and owner of Biji Dining, Melbourne’s unique, fine Indian dining restaurant with a modern twist as hew shares some of his favourite places to eat.

Favourite Restaurants.

Sunda Dining 
Great vibe, great food and good wines. Vegemite roti is to die for.
IDES Melbourne 
One of my favourite restaurants. Great place for special occasions. Creative and super tasty food and nice wines. Menu is always evolving.
My local farm to table restaurant. They have a bar as well now that makes it easy for regular visits for some great beverages and nibbles. And for special dinner book in for degustation in their beautiful dining room.

Favourite takeaway

Palm on the park, Mount Waverley
Favourite place for Indian food. Their butter chicken is the best I have ever had in Australia. Consistently good food.

Favourite late night eat

Supper Inn is a Melbourne institution.
Great Chinese food for a late night fix and some extra beers.

Favourite cheap eats.

Aunties Dumplings.
Great dumplings and cheap. Always good. If I have been away from Melbourne for a while. This is the place that’s on top of my list. They make pretty good spring onion pancakes as well.