Born in Melbourne with Italian parentage, from the age of four David helped his mother Nicolina roll pasta, make tomato sauce and cure salami. Those formative years shaped his desire to work with food; 20-plus years later he still has an unrelenting passion for fresh produce and ingredients.
Throughout his career David has had many advisors: Jason Jujnovich of Divido, Ricardo Mommeso of Sarti, Maurice Esposito of Esposito and Saint Peters. At the ripe-young age of 24, David harnessed all this learning and took charge of the kitchen at hailed Italian restaurant Il Bacaro. David is now Il Bacaro’s co-owner and executive chef and also oversees his business group’s other ventures, Bar Carolina and Tetto.
One of David’s favourite ingredients is the ‘diamond of the culinary world’ the white truffle from Alba, Italy. He hand-selects each delivery of the famed tartufo d’alba and lets its intoxicating aroma and flavour sing, rarely cooking, instead shaving them over an Il Bacaro dish.

Position: Carolina Group business partner (Il Bacaro, Bar Carolina, Tetto di Carolina, Marameo) and executive chef of Il Bacaro
AFGF hats: 2