Chef Scott Huggins

With a passion for creating sophisticated dishes that taste natural and fresh, Melbourne-born Scott Huggins has a 17-year international career behind his him. Some of Scott’s world-class culinary experiences include the Royal Mail Hotel (in Victoria), Iggy’s at The Hilton Hotel Singapore, and Hotel Micolau Bar Restaurant in Spain. His last international post was in Japan, working with Chef Seiji Yamamoto at the three Michelin-starred restaurant, Nihonryori Ryugin in Tokyo. It was there that he became fully aware of the importance of treating local produce with the utmost respect.

When Scott returned to Australia in 2013, he was thrilled to join the crew at Penfolds Magill Estate Restaurant. Penfold’s offer one of Australia’s finest food and wine experiences. It also has the philosophy of only sourcing the best grapes each vintage offers, which Scott adheres to. Scott’s cooking draws inspiration from Penfold’s famous wines, their signature style and flavour. He gives an added nod to his Japanese training, using only the very best of local produce.

Position: head chef at Magill Estate Restaurant